BITA 2012

About 4 tons of Ewaste collected in a 3 day collection drive at Baroda BITA-EcoSajan with support from GPCB initiated a unique campaign, one of its kind during this year IT show of BITA held during 17th to 19th Feb 2012. As one of the leaders in IT associations, BITA, initiated a unique campaign of ewaste collection in partnership with EcoSarjan.

As a part of the 3 day drive, the group collected around 4 tons of ewaste. It included monitors, keyboards, CPU, typewriters, mobile phones, TV, mixer and other household and IT appliances. All this waste collected will be disposed off scientifically by Ecoli Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.; a GPCB authorized recycler.

As a part of the unique campaign, ewaste depositor got approximately Rs. 1.4 lacs as payback as value for his waste in form of a redemption voucher, which they could redeemed it at any of the stall at BITA IT show. The campaign got a overwhelming support.

Many corporate too came and deposited their ewaste at the collection counter. Apart from Redemption, they were also given safe disposal certificate along with serial number of each item deposited by them. They were so happy about it since the certificate will be issued by a GPCB authorized vendor and hence, will help them submit the same to pollution control board and for other audit formalities.

Most of the visitors at the counter inquired about ways in which they can deposit the waste beyond the three day campaign. Looking at the response, it was decided that the activity will continue in Baroda as a weekly collection drive. Also, many companies and corporate have already lined up with BITA-EcoSarjan team, to visit their premises next week and valuate the waste on site and also help them get a safe disposal certificate.

Also a helpline number i.e. 9998478741 or email : was launched. People can call on this number to deposit their waste.