Initiatives in Habitat Development (IHD)

IHD is the housing division of Society for Environment Protection (SEP). IHD has a diverse in house strength in Architectural and structural design, building construction, alternate and appropriate construction technologies, retrofitting, Engineers and Masons training, etc. IHD team has also worked on enterprise development trainings in building material.

Major focus areas of IHD-SEP are

  • Providing socio-technical and monitoring support to various INGO’s, NGO’s and GO’s for post emergency reconstruction processes. These includes right from; helping design the rehabilitation strategy in the field of housing to proposal scrutiny, capacity building at various level, periodic monitoring or even implementation in some special cases.
  • Innovating on various area suitable appropriate cost effective building technology and thus make a process of reconstruction (in emergency), a process into sustainable development.
  • Conduct studies into the socio-cultural factors of habitat development and promote the same in to reconstruction and Habitat planning in General.
  • To provide support in developing area suitable architectural design, habitat layouts, system design (MIS), construction trainings into various alternate technologies, enterprise and entrepreneur development, IEC, etc.
  • Apart from emergencies, IHD-SEP also has its focus into developmental studies, research and system formation for housing and habitat which can either fit into general development, advocacy or disaster preparedness.
  • Disaster preparedness and mitigation at large.

With its diverse and strong experience of Gujarat Earthquake rehabilitation; IHD-SEP was actively involved in Tsunami rehabilitation project in South India (Tamilnadu, Pondycherry, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Andman Islands). It is also among one of the few organizations in the country to work on Retrofitting.

Glimpses of Major projects and partners :

  • IHD-SEP is the lead agency of BMTPC for Western and Southern Region for promotion and main streaming of Appropriate Cost Effective Environment friendly construction technologies. As a part of project, IHD-SEP works with government bodies for inclusion of appropriate technologies in JnRUM, IHSDP or BSUP projects.
  • IHD-SEP; with support from BMTPC, recently help developing Draft IS code for Filler Slab and Rat Trap Bond Technology. The code is presently submitted to BIS as a preliminary draft.
  • IHD-SEP, on request of Department of Employment and Training (DoET), GoG; is helping it develop new short term courses on Housing sector which can be introduced in to ITI’s.
  • IHD-SEP was the lead organization in Gujarat to organize Engineers training with UNDP and GSDMA under Disaster Risk Reduction Program. It organized 5 days residential training for 3 cities of Gujarat i.e. Jungadh, Jamnagar and Rajkot.
  • IHD-SEP was involved with various NGO’s and INGO’s for technical support and monitoring in their Tsunami Response Program in Andhra, TN and Andman which includes Action Aid India – International, Care India, Save the Children Fund and Catholic Relief Services (CRS).
  • IHD-SEP was the lead agency for Nagapattinam collectorate working as Shelter Support Group for monitoring and supporting the reconstruction for the whole Nagapattinam District, in Tamil Nadu. It does periodic monitoring of all the reconstruction sites on behalf of District Authority and suggest (if need be) recommendations for intervention.
  • IHD-SEP was also involved with UNDP in conducting various Engineers and masons trainings both in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.
  • IHD-SEP with support from UNDP constructed Retrofitting Technology Demonstration Unit (RTDU) all across Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In the process about 400 artisans were trained in 5 days hands-on training into Retrofitting.
  • IHD-SEP has prepared a manual on “Retrofitting of Non-Engineered Structures” for UNDP and GoTN.
  • IHD-SEP was involved with scientific analysis of about 700 houses which includes NDT and stability analysis of newly constructed Tsunami houses. Based on the investigation the retrofit was designed and submitted. The Project was in Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu.
  • IHD-SEP with the support of IAG (Inter Agency Group) initiated a process of GO-NGO Preparedness and Coordination cell at Baroda city for Flood Preparedness.
  • IHD-SEP along with Kesarjan Building Centre Pvt. Ltd. is working on conducting hands on Mason Training programs.
  • IHD-SEP along with Kesarjan Building Centre Pvt. Ltd. has started a mason association and online data base of trained masons. The database will soon have all the resources for the masons.
  • IHD-SEP with support from BMTPC is hosting secretariat for a National network on Embodied Energy of Building Materials.

Publications :

  • IHD-SEP updated the “Disaster Resistant Construction Practice” handbook for Govt. of Tamil Nadu and UNDP.
  • IHD-SEP worked with UNDP and GoTN for developing a Manual on “Retrofitting of Non- Engineered Structures”
  • IHD-SEP developed a Manual on Ductile detailing for Engineers and site supervisors – developed for Building Material and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), A body of Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation – GoI in both Hindi and English languages.
  • IHD-SEP developed a Manual on Basics of Formwork – developed for Building Material and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), A body of Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation – GoI
  • IHD-SEP developed a A Film on Promotion of Retrofitting Technology in Tamil Nadu for UNDP in English.
  • IHD-SEP is also involved in developing draft IS code on Filler Slab and Rat Trap bond technology with support from BMTPC.
  • IHD-SEP is presently developing a detail manual on Filler slab and Rat Trap bond Technology with support from BMTPC.