“Eco-Sarjan” is a word which is a formation of two key words. One is “Eco” which stands for Ecosystem friendly or in simple words what ever which is green and sustainable in nature. “Sarjan” is a Gujarati word meaning Creation. Hence in short Eco-Sarjan is about every creation which is Eco system friendly or Sustainable in Nature.

Eco-Sarjan is a platform initiated by Society for Environment Protection (SEP) since 2009.

Our Core Philosophy

Eco-Sarjan is a platform which promotes “Eco friendly Disaster resilient Habitat”. Today, globally there has been key thrust in two major sectors a) Eco-friendly i.e. all green, climatically safe, carbon reducing efforts; different name but all targeting to same cause of taking a step towards protecting and conserving “Eco-system” at large. Second major sector is b) climate change and Disaster reduction. Range of initiatives are been taken globally to combat climate change and reduce Disasters. Infect most of the recent disasters are product of climate change and global in-balance in the eco-system.

At Eco-Sarjan we want to bridge these two key sectors. We believe that they are not two sectors but are integrated and approaching them jointly will help derive better workable solutions. Our focus is to create a common platform which is

  • Which is democratic and transparent in nature
  • Scientific in nature and its actions
  • Which is multi-disciplinary at its base so as to bring that “wholestic objectivity”
  • Which talks about applied science and actions which are tangible
  • Which processes and provides information in a format which is easily comprehended by a common person
  • Which initiates, supports, advocates concerns overlooked at times due to lack of “political or economical will”
  • Which evolves and strengthen systematic tangible solutions and not “media campaigns”

Major Projects by EcoSarjan

  • As a part of launch of EcoSarjan two national conferences where planned in partnership with Forests and Environment Department, GoG and Gujarat Pollution control board.They were

1) National conference on Bio remediation of Polluted Sites

2) National Conference on Solid Waste and Waste water management

  • In 2010 EcoSarjan did a mega exhibition exclusively on Clean and Green Technology. All major leading industries of Gujarat participated in the event showcasing their cleaner production technologies or their Green endeavors. The entire event was done in partnership with Forests and Environment Department, GoG and Gujarat Pollution control board (GPCB). The event was also acknowledged and supported by GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency), AUDA (Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority), GICEA (Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architect, FITAG, Nirma University and many others.
  • As a part of event, two national level conference were organized :
  1. E Waste management and Handling for Sustainable cities and
  2. Green Buildings – A step to Sustainable Societies.

The complete event information is available at

  • Apart from this EcoSarjan initiated a best Green Belt competition for the Large and Medium/Small industries. The purpose of the competition was to create a positive wave for developing a good green belt and give an award to the industry who does the best initiating a healthy competition between the industries for improving their Green Belts. It also, helped collect the various detail information about each industries Green Cover and its bio-diversity. The award for the competition were given by H’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, making it a prestigious award which industry looks forward to get.
  • EcoSarjan in partnership with GPCB and respective industrial associations is conducting ETP operators and Supervisors workshop series across all the major estates of Gujarat. Seven such workshops have all ready been conducted across all major estates between Ahmedabad and Surat. Planning for other estates is in process. It is also developing an ETP operators and supervisors manual and SOP
  • EcoSarjan along with Department of Employment and Training (DoET), GPCB and various industrial association, is developing various environmental courses for state ITI which includes 1 year and 3 months short term courses. They will be introduce into the ITI the end of this year (2012) or beginning of next year.
  • EcoSarjan in partnership with various players in ewaste sector has launched a comprehensive program on ewaste awareness and equitable management for Gujarat called EMAC and also runs ewaste collection helpline number for Gujarat.
  • Apart from above, EcoSarjan works on variety of awareness activity with industries and state pollution control board with reference to Ozone day, World Environment day, Medicinal plantation, Ecofriendly holy and Ganesh utsav, etc ; so as to promote a sustainable life style and society. These programs covers both industries and youths from various colleges of Gujarat.

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