Ewaste Management and Awareness Campaign (EMAC)

E waste is one of the growing concerns of the coming times. As per one of the estimates of UNEP ewaste is to grow 500% in coming decade. Today, mostly all our houses have one or other items of ewaste and we yet don’t have a specific system which allows us to dispose it safely. It is a well known fact that ewaste contains many hazardous elements and gases including heavy metals which if not disposed off scientifically and safely; will pollute air, water and ground.

Society for Environment Protection (SEP) through its EcoSarjan project is been working on the issue of Ewaste since 2009. It has evolved a comprehensive plan for Ewaste management and awareness campaign (EMAC) for Gujarat.

Ewaste Management and Awreness Campaign (EMAC) is a campaign by EcoSarjan so as to not only help ewaste collection but evolve models which can in the first place reduce ewaste. As one of the elements of the larger plan, it has started actual ewaste collection drive for Gujarat.

The drive was launched in Baroda, as a part of BITA event held between 17th to 19th Feb 2012. As a part of the campaign the drive collected about 4 tons of ewaste in just 3 days of the event. The post launch even today we have been buzy handling large chunk of ewaste from Baroda and other parts of Gujarat. The sole purpose of the campaign is to help evolve a collection system and ensure that the ewaste thus collected is disposed off scientifically as per the E waste Management and Handling Rule 2011.

EMAC then did collection drive with couple of leading industrial associations like Naroda and Vatva in Gujarat. It also launch a Gujarat level Ewaste help line number i.e. 9998478741. A ewaste depositor can call on the number and seek guidance on ewaste collection and also schedule his collection or deposit time.

To further this initiative, EcoSarjan through its EMAC campaign ensures that ewaste depositor gets his due share of valuation for the ewaste which it deposits. We, at EcoSarjan believes that the fact that ewaste depositor is giving waste to a formal chain of recycler is more important and he should not be deprived of his basic valuation for the Ewaste which he is depositing. We have, based on the market survey and our own valuation, worked out a standard rate card for range of Ewaste item.

To further source of encouragement, especially for corporate and those who wants, we also give SAFE disposal certificate (by GPCB authorized agency) with serial number of your product. This can help corporate to even fulfill their audit and return formalities.

The sole purpose of the EcoSarjan ewaste campaign called EMAC is to evolve a system which is one of the best model for collection of Ewaste in India in such a way that the model is equitable and replicable.

For the corporate and those who have bulk ewaste can contact in advance and we can do evaluation at their premises. To us the bulk ewaste means atleast 1 ton or more than a ton of ewaste.

As per recent Ewaste management and Handling rule, anybody who handles ewaste has to be registered with State Pollution Control Board. Any company or individual is not authorized to sell ewaste to an unauthorized representative.

EMAC campaign has successfully launched its first step of Ewaste collection system. Presently, it is doing a survey of the kabaddi wala’s so as to evolve a model of an inclusive growth.

We as a part of a campaign also register and collect old working PCs and then further donate it to rural based SHGs, students for free. EMAC has an MoU for this with FITAG for refurbishing the old system and then donating it with a maintenance support if required.

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