SWM using Vermitechnology

Solid Waste Management : The Problem

Proper disposal of domestic waste is an increasing problem for urban and semi urban areas across the India. Some of the major problems associated are,

  • Scarcity of land for landfill.
  • Non scientific dumping poses serious health and environmental hazards by polluting air water and land
  • Rag pickers look for dry salable waste from the dumps, this is a serious hazards to their health. Especially children and women are in this occupation, whose health is affected severely
  • It is wastage of important raw material that can be converted to manure
  • The current system of waste collection and dumping is costly in long run.

Hence adopting a system of domestic waste management that is environment friendly is need of time.

About Domestic Waste Management System:

Domestic waste management system typically involves three stages

  1. Segregation of waste at source
  2. Collection and transportation of segregated waste at storage sites
  3. Segregation of residual dry material if need be Composting

Critical to this system is involvement of people first three stages. Waste management is not just about disposal of waste it also about changing people’s attitude towards waste. That is why SEP believes that awareness and technical support are the two poles on which the SWM system should be strengthened to create a role model in true sense

Our Approach

SEP has established it self as an NGO expert in using vermicomposting for waste management using kitchen waste, garden waste or industrial organic waste. It has worked on several waste management projects at individual and group level.

Some of the major Solid Waste management projects from previous years include

waste management system for a residential society of 90 houses in Ahmedabad,

Waste Management for the canteen waste at CEPT campus

Training and Garden Waste Management at IIM, Ahmedabad campus.

SEP has also set up a Dairy Sludge Management using vermicomposting for Sabar Dairy, Himmatnagar Gujarat

Compositing of Garden Waste is being done by SEP at Lupin Factory site, Ankleshwar, Gujarat

SEP has also done extensive reaserch in the area of using vermitechnology to treat various types of waste such as Hospital Waste and Industrial Waste