ETP Workshop

ETP Operators and Supervisors Workshop Series

With the growing industrialization, in the last decade, Gujarat too has seen a multifold growth. Many new industries have come in. With the growth always comes the responsibility of equitable development. With the developing industries, the GPCB norms have too become stringent. There are various provisions including CETP in place so as to control pollution. It is also observed that, in Gujarat, there are many industries which have small primary or secondary etp plants. We have observed that; most of these etps are run by very low skill operators and supervisor which hardly have any formal education in the subject. Most of them have learnt the tricks of the trade in the field or by practical exposure. It was felt that; there is an urgent need to conduct an orientation program for these operators.

To take process further, a meeting was done with Chairman and Member Secretary, GPCB. Their guidance and mentorship to the idea laid the foundation stone of the ETP operators and Supervisors Training workshop series. It was suggested that a pilot can be done from Ahmedabad Industrial Associations.

To further strengthen our observation, discussions were done with industrial association, and they too readily agreed to such a need and expressed their willingness to support and participate actively in such program. Based on these observations and discussion, a brief training program specifically targeting the Etp operators and supervisors; the one which are actually looking after day to day operations of Etp, was worked out. The course was coordinated by Shri S. M. Jha; Retd. Sr. Scientist- GPCB.

The success of first 3 programs in Ahmedabad with NEPL, GREEN and ATPA associations paved the way further to upscale and continue such programs across all the major Estates of Gujarat. It was decided that EcoSarjan and regional offices of GPCB should repeat the model in partnership with respective industrial associations across state. Till December 2012 programs 8 programs where done across state.