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Waste Management (R & D)

EcoSarjan has a specialized focus on Waste R & D. The focus is to see “Waste” as “unused resource” and work on ways to utilized the same. To further this specific agenda, it has partnered with various professional organizations which are as below:

EcoSarjan in partnership with Concept BioTech – works on composting and vermicomposting of Domestic and Industrial Non-Toxic waste.

EcoSarjan in partnership with Kesarjan Building Centre Pvt. Limited – works on Construction and Demolition Waste. The technology is mastered and various building products are being made using C & D waste. Technology partner for the research in Kesarjan Building Centre Pvt. Limited.

EcoSarjan has a in house division, working on E-waste. The team of researcher and experts are presently doing various base study in the sector of the E-waste under EMAC campaign.