SEP India

One of the core principle of the Society for Environment Protection (SEP) is “to promote a sustainable and accountable society through scientific and technological interventions and by creative involvement of youth in social reconstruction”. Established in 1994 and registered in 2000, Society for Environment Protection (SEP) is a multi-disciplinary youth organization working in the fields of

  • ·Education for Development
  • ·Environmental  Management
  • ·Emergency Response and Disaster Preparedness (Habitat Development)
  • ·Promoting organic lifestyles and Mass awareness

A multidisciplinary approach to bring holistic Knowledge for sustainable development is the foundation stone of SEP.

Major objectives of the SEP are:

  • To harness potentials and creativity of youth for environmental conservation.
  • To do research and disseminate environmental information leading to environmental action.
  • To develop and implement Environmental Education packages for schools and colleges.
  • To prepare communities to monitor their environmental problems, search for alternatives and implement it.
  • To promote Eco-friendly way of life.