Manav Ghadtar

Awareness being generated & interest sustained,

the students will themselves find ways.

When the ability to analyse information critically is gained & creativity for problem-solving stimulated & the will to implement solutions imparted the major job is done.

Education for Development:

SEP believes that ‘Education is the best tool to sculpt a society that is based on the principle of equity, harmony and sustainability’. We as an organization are committed to promote a holistic module of education. It aims to make the participating students more creative and sensitive towards society and environment, gives them a global perspective and help them take a step forward to be responsible global citizens and better human beings.

Manav Ghadatar:

Based on this understanding SEP initiated a project Manav Ghadatar in 2004-2005. The program has some unique characteristics

  1. It was not an extra curricular activity rather it was conducted during the academic schedule time
  2. As part of the project through out the year 2 sessions were conducted by MG facilitators every week. So it was continuous in nature and not a one time event
  3. The program focused on developing students overall ability to question, analyze, relate and synthesize. Thus the modules didn’t establish direct linkages with textbooks it helped the students to even excel in studies while at the same time enhancing their overall personality and making them more responsible towards society and environment.

MG covered 10 schools and approximately 1000 students from cross section of community. We received very good response from school, students and parents. Media also publicized the program.